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New Postcards!


I just received my new postcards from and they look terrific!  Seen to the right is the front of my postcard, printed at 8.5″ x 5.5″ with a glossy finish.

As you may observe the colors online are a bit washed out.  That is my one and only challenge with Overnight Prints – the color control is a bit tricky – even in sRGB.  I discovered, on my first batch of postcards, the colors were a bit more saturated than I anticipated so this time I desaturated a bit – about 5% – and that was perfect.  Also, in the image below the red banner matches the red floor runner but in print the banner is much softer (more pink than red).  It’s enough of a difference that it’s not obvious I was trying to match the colors so I’m not terribly bothered by this but if those kinds of details are important to you be cautioned.  postcard-back-v3

Overnight Prints is efficient, priced right and deliver an excellent product.  They have several templates to choose from or you can upload your own design.  They offer user guides to help you with either process which makes it easy for anyone of any level.

Overnight Prints offers free glossy finish, above average customer service and, if you don’t mind a little “spam” enough freebies and discount codes to keep me as a loyal customer.  I also had business cards printed and they look amazing, as well!  For this price point, I can’t recommend a better company to print with.

With a little nudging from my “mentor” I decided to try something a little different with this group of cards and printed my rates on the back.  I reasoned that many agents may not realize how affordable good photography can be while on the flip side, hopefully this will deter agents who don’t value photography from wasting my (and their own) time.

Next step: a big “Stop and Drop.”  Wish me luck!

Written by Malia Campbell Photography

October 7, 2009 at 11:44 am

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