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HDR/Blending for Real Estate

I have to admit, I’m pretty lucky. When I first started shooting HDR for Real Estate I had one of the best HDR shooters, Dan Achatz, as a mentor. I also had the Flickr Photography for Real Estate group as a resource. The only trouble with the flickr group, though, was that it seemed there were more strobist shooters than HDR and though I could learn a great deal about composition and how to set up lights for shots, it was a bit tedious wading through all the threads and photos in the pool, looking for information about HDR techniques. Also, I had no idea whose streams I should be following as most of the top HDR shooters had streams where you couldn’t tell that their images were HDR.

I often thought it would be nice to have a separate PfRE group for the HDR shooters. A place where you could have discussions about challenges, share tips and tricks and post shots for critique. And now, with Larry Lohrman’s blessing there is just such a group! If you’re an HDR PfRE-er please jump in! HDR/Blending for Real Estate. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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January 8, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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