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Scott introduced me to the AccuWeather site awhile ago and I have to say:


Springtime weather in Seattle is pretty unpredictable. For example, yesterday started out cold and drizzle-y. By mid-morning it was cold and windy. Then an hour later the sun came out. Then, early afternoon it was dark and cloudy. Then mid-afternoon it was windy and thunder-y. And then at night it was clear and cold again. AND THIS WAS ALL FORECASTED BY ACCUWEATHER! In the few months that I’ve been using the site they have been incorrect ZERO times!

So why am I talking about this here on my photography blog? It’s a handy little tool to have when booking shoots with clients. To be able to tell them, sure I can shoot tomorrow afternoon but it’s going to be really sunny so your exterior may or may not photograph well. Or it’s going to be overcast in the morning so that would be the best time to shoot. If we wait until the sun comes out in the early afternoon the lighting won’t be as good.

Any tool that helps add to my credibility as a photographer is priceless in my book.

The website is here. Be sure to check out the hourly forecast for your area.

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March 31, 2010 at 6:57 am

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