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Tips to avoid the window bloom

In today’s Tuesday Tutorial I mentioned that there are things you can do to avoid the dreaded window bloom. Here’s a small list of tips I use. Hit me up in the comments if I’ve missed anything.

01) Learn to look at light. Obviously a bright sunny day is going to cause you problems but the cloudy, overcast days can produce just as much of a problem if there’s a lot of bright light. Learn to see the contrast in a room. If the ambient doesn’t spread evenly throughout the room, the window is going to be a problem.

02) Shoot extra exposures. You’re on a tripod so there’s nothing holding you back from shooting 20 exposures if you want to. If I have any doubt I’ll shoot nine exposures.

03) Blend the blends if you need to. I haven’t done this but have seen many beautiful images that were created by taking an HDR’d image and blending it with an Exposure Blended image. Or blending with a flashed version of the same comp.

04) Don’t limit yourself to ambient only. Break out the speedlights if you want. Even if you have the light on camera and are bouncing off the ceiling or walls you’re on a tripod so you can manually adjust your exposures.

05) Raise the blinds. If you find you have to do a lot of reconstructing of walls and window panes you’ll thank yourself for raising the blinds (and moving as much of the window treatments as possible).

06) Worst case scenario: Compose your shot to avoid the window. It’s not ideal and most agents will want you to feature the windows but if you can’t pull it you can’t pull it. Better to have one fantastic image that doesn’t feature the window than a few crappy shots with nuclear windows. Besides, with all that ambient light coming from an angle the HDR/blend will be beautiful. Talk about magic light!

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April 20, 2010 at 10:16 am

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