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Backup systems: need advice

Due to a recent near death experience with an external hard drive I’ve been thinking a lot about backup and archival systems. I currently have a pretty simple system in place which involves some sort of automatic back up of my Lightroom catalog but I don’t really control the location of the backup nor the schedule. Nor am I backing up ANYTHING else. Also, stupidly I think my automatic LR backup is saving to the same drive where the existing catalog is (I told you – stupid!).

Current System
DRIVE A: 1 TB external drive (SimpleTech ProDrive) – stores LR catalog, LR backups, an old back up of my iTunes library, various business documents and other random photos that haven’t been archived into my LR catalog (and likely never will be). This is not a mobile drive.

DRIVE B and C: 2 – 1 TB external drive (LaCie Rugged drives) – These are new and I haven’t set them up yet. One is mobile and one is not so mobile.

DRIVE D: 250 GB external drive (Western Digital Passport) – Stores my working iTunes library and any documents that I want to be mobile – current jobs I’m working on, documents I need to always have with me, etc. This is the smallest drive I have so it tends to be with me always. Not large enough to store my LR catalog, though, which is why I purchased the LaCie rugged drive.

DRIVE E: 80 GB external drive (Western Digital, unknown model) – I don’t really use this drive much. Currently storing user manuals to various flashes, cameras and light meters. This is not a mobile drive.

So, okay… I’m not that technical when it comes to hardware and backup systems and don’t want to create some system that’s so complex I can’t manage it. My intention is to make Drive B (the mobile LaCie) my main mobile drive and combine Drive A and D. This would open Drive A to be an onsite backup drive. I’ll make Drive C (the other 1tb LaCie) and offsite backup and store that at Scott’s. This leaves Drive D and E completely open for anything. The idea behind this system is that I’ll only have to deal with one external drive for a daily use drive and then do backups to the two drives I designate as backup drives (one onsite and one offsite).

So now I’m wondering if this is the most efficient way to do things? I’ve heard of rotating systems but I’m not sure exactly how that works. Any advice?

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September 14, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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