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UPDATED: eBook giveaway: The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors by Scott Hargis

10/5/10 Update: With the generous support and contributions of Larry Lohrman and Scott Hargis I’m pleased to announce that we will now be giving away FIVE of Scott’s books.


Larry is generously contributing a copy of the Photography for Real Estate eBook *AND* a copy of The Business of Real Estate Photography eBook *AND* a one year Highlighted Real Estate Photography Directory entry.

So the lucky winners of my giveaway will receive all four:
– A copy of The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors, Techniques for lighting with small flash
– A copy of Photography for Real Estate
– A copy of The Business of Real Estate Photography
– A one year highlighted Real Estate Photography Directory entry

Giving back to the photographic community, especially one as supportive and tight knit as the Real Estate Photography community, is important to both Larry and Scott (and myself!). The idea of this giveaway began as a way to give a helping hand to new photographers who may not be able to afford start up resources and/or who may not know where to go for information. And, of course, to celebrate the launch of Scott’s book.

Thanks again to Larry Lohrman and Scott Hargis for their continued support of the industry and for donating the resources for this giveaway!


I fell into the world of real estate photography by chance (and maybe some luck?).  One day I noticed there was a “Lighting for Interiors” workshop being taught by some guy that I had never heard of and signed up on a total whim.  Now, two and a half years later, I’m completely obsessed with this somewhat obscure genre of photography.

There’s a lot to learn about photography for real estate.  Composition, lighting, running a getting business… for someone new to this field it can be overwhelming. I was incredibly lucky to have the ongoing advice, critique and mentoring of two of the industry’s biggest success stories: Scott Hargis and Dan Achatz. And yes, before you start cursing my name, I *do* realize how fortunate I am. And now I’d like to pass it along.

I’m giving away one of Scott Hargis’ eBooks: The Essential Guide to: Lighting Interiors, Techniques for lighting with small flash.

Send me an email (malia at tulipchainphotography dot com) telling me who you are, how you came to this industry, and why you want the book. Also, please attach a photo of your best lit interior (no HDR/blends, even if you used flash in them) with a brief description of light placement. Image must be attached and must have exif info attached (no “save for web”s). Watermarking your image is fine. Submissions must be received by 5:00 pm PST on Wednesday, October 13th. Winner will be announced via email on October 16th.

Giving back to the photographic community is something that’s very important to both Scott and I so I’m basing my giveaway on merit and worthiness and not necessarily on the best image. Mostly it will be my gut reaction to the submission (and maybe a little of Scott’s, too).

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October 4, 2010 at 3:07 pm

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  1. […] Malia Campbell has graciously agreed to run this give away for us. Scott and I are working hard to get Scott’s eBook released by mid-October. […]

    • Dear Malia,

      To observe that I admire Scott’s dedication to learning interior lighting since his manager’s career ended, and Scott’s generosity to mentoring (me) is not enough.

      Our odysseys just happened to run parallel. My bride of many years (Julie Barnett) – a stay-at-home Mom, who’s site I endeavor to support through trial and error with less error thank you Scott Hargis – who moved around the globe while I excelled, has turned “pro” from rookie, and what a joy that we have swapped roles.

      As amateur, to learn how to support Julie’s advertising in Unique Homes, duPont Registry, Robb Report, Christie Great Estates and Julie’s website, by leveraging Julie’s time and reach, I have RELIED on Scott, who unselfishly shares his passion for lighting interiors – more than Scott will ever know. Early on, I wrote a note of thanks to Scott. Hope that was received.

      Either way, owning Scott’s e book is a given. My mission tonight is not to win a contest. It is to formally express Julie’s and my gratitude and acknowledge Scott’s milestone upon the inauguration of his very first book. Sincere thanks and congratulations is the order of the day!

      Best personal regards,

      John ( & Julie ) Barnett

      An image will follow, uploaded to Malia.

      The Image was a challenge and is a favorite. I monitored the ambient light inbound to the master stairwell, over several days, and balanced with an on camera SB 80 DX, using a diffuser. The image was made at The Pointe – under construction, on Lake Burton, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Rabun County, Georgia – population 9000 souls.

      May we please acknowledge for Scott, that the designer and builder of The Pointe, is Jim Suddes, of Atlanta, GA.

      John Barnett

      October 12, 2010 at 7:49 pm

  2. Hi,

    I have had my business for 3 years now and up to now have not used any external lighting sources and would like to at least see what can be done to enhance my business. Please keep me in mind for the ebook giveaway.


    Gary Requa

    Gary Requa

    October 6, 2010 at 8:41 am

  3. Why are you excluding photographers who use HDR? Beginning
    photographers might have to use HDR to start, since they might not be able to afford lighting equipment. Just my thoughts.

    Conrad Rowe

    October 6, 2010 at 8:41 am

  4. Great idea! Thank you for doing this!

    Scott K Cooper

    October 7, 2010 at 6:18 am

  5. Conrad,
    The giveaway is in conjunction with the launch of the book, which is absolutely lighting-oriented. So…”lit” photos make sense.

    Couple things, for everyone:
    1) “Lit” can mean a single, on-camera flash
    2) It’s not a photo contest, per se. Winners will be chosen based on their “start-up business” bona fides, more than the photo quality.

    – Scott


    October 7, 2010 at 8:26 am

  6. I just started my real estate photography business this year. I had to start with HDR since it was my thoughts it was the way to go to start with. I plan on working my way to using lights and will be purchasing Scotts book. You get my thoughts. Conrad

    Conrad Rowe

    October 7, 2010 at 8:37 am

  7. […] you’ve got even less time than that to get your entry in for this give-away. For details, hit THIS LINK. The deadline is Wednesday….get […]

  8. Winning this book would mean so much to me. I have been training as a photographer for a year and feel that interiors will be a rewarding way to support my family. I am due to have my first child any time and my husband is now transitioning into photography with me as the economy has hit his business hard and a change would benefit the family also. We don’t have alot of time to make this work and feel your giveaway could really contribute to our success. Please Please Please Consider us. Thank you, Ronda.


    October 11, 2010 at 11:21 am

  9. HI, I sent you an email and some photos, hope I get my entry to you in time!

    debra York

    October 13, 2010 at 5:36 pm

  10. I have been a fan of your site and videos for a while and I have used your techiques a few times. Now I am a full time employed real estate photographer for a company in San Antonio.

    Lupe Robles

    October 14, 2010 at 10:06 am

  11. Hi Scott,

    I stumbled across your site tonight and it was serendipity. As a self taught real estate photographer (last 5 years) my wish was to find a mentor in a book that would walk me through the steps to create the illusion of a well lit room using the “invisible” flash.

    It looks like I am too late for the giveaway but happy to have found you.

    Vern Nelson

    October 25, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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